Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mirror Awards ..what a lot of work! Right Girls?

It’s that time again for beauty industry professionals from across
Canada and abroad to put their creative minds to work in preparation for the most prestigious competition in the Canadian beauty industry.
This year marks the 16th Annual Mirror Awards, And Baden Salon Spa Inc. has entered the competition!
(Well more like the Talents of Tonya Forman!)

Each year Canadian Hairdresser magazine Mirror Awards showcases the height of talent
that exists in our amazing industry.
In order to compete you must have at least 3 years experience in the industry of Hair Design ...and let me tell you over the past 3 months I have truly witnessed talent in our Salon Spa.

You see for the Mirror Awards you take photo's and submit them for judging
Here is Tonya the day of the shoot...

Serious at work isn't she?

We have entered the Fantasy Style category
Here are the rules:
Stylists, make your dreams a reality by
creating imaginative, fantasy styles. Entrants
must include three images showcasing
three different styles.

Well......................Here is a glimpse into what Fantasy's lie in that head of Tonya's
Is this not amazing or what?

I mean this is talent!

However we could not do this alone... we had lovely models to help us.
You girls were so amazing! Long nights and days to help us reach for the stars!

Cait Mizzi... our Make-up Artist donated, her time to make our models beautiful
and Nicole our Photographer ....

Was amazing at capturing just what we needed!

Okay and maybe we went a little crazy and added some funky nail enhancements
...we had to finish the look no??

So what do you think??

My thoughts are this....
"Mirror Mirror on the wall...Baden Salon Spa Inc is the Winner of it all"
(a.k.a Tonya Foreman ...the fairest of us all!)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mommy Monday's for our Baden Babies

Although I am not yet blessed with a little munchkin of my own,  many of my girlfriends and their hubbies have little bundles of joy.
With all the little ones around, my BFF's are finding it hard to find baby friendly atmosphere's for baby and mom to relax and enjoy some quality time together outside the house.

With that in mind, at Baden we have created a "Baden Baby Day"
Each and every Monday Baden Salon Spa is happy to become "Mom and Baby" friendly so that as a new mom you can feel comfortable and still enjoy all the salon spa services you once did before your baby arrived.

Here is a few of our regular guests (and friends) that take advantage of our baby friendly surroundings

Meet Mama Sheila and baby Kaleb

He is such a happy little munchkin...although dad is very against future toe polish painting! (I have a feeling Kaleb will be rock climbing long before he walks!)

This is baby Alexa...Mama Brianna and her come quite often and have pedicures.  I don't think Alexa has ever shed a tear...must be loving the spa already! Look out Mama!

Meet Mama Lizzie and Porter...Porter is such a good boy when mom gets a natural lift (*wink*) 

And this is soon to be Mama Amy... she is holding a picture of our future guest...who we can't wait to meet! 

Mommy Monday's for our Baden Babies...
what better way to spend a day??