Saturday, December 19, 2009

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great ones make you feel that you too, can become great.” Mark Twain

I felt that this post needed a great quote for a great person.
This blog post is long overdue and  I am proud to introduce you to a truly unique individual.
A person that since our very first conversation on the phone was pleasant, persistent, and unique.

Meet Tonya

Tonya is our Designer at Baden, but really she is the "everything girl"!
If you have had the pleasure of meeting Tonya, then you know exactly what I speak of.

Since our very first meeting (which she will happily tell you I hired her before we even met....and then called her back and felt that I should maybe be a little more professsional and actually have a proper interview with her...) ....where was I ...oh yes...our very first meeting over a glass of vino at East Side Mario's.
Tonya and I hit it off right away....and have been partners in crime on the misson to build the business of Baden ever since! 

However...there is a few things that Tonya speaks often about that are some of her most proud accomplishments and I feel that I must share them with you as they are what makes her so fabulous.....

Meet Jordan (left) and Scott (right)
By far this is why Tonya is an amazing women! A single mom who constantly makes these boys her priority and is always working hard at Baden to create a better life for them (....the Christmas gifts that they are receiving has been a topic of conversation for weeks now!)

This is Tonya's "pimp" mobile! Yuppers...she absolutely loves this car!  And rightfully so...she has worked very hard for this one!

As you can see although she is a fabulous hair designer, she is a fantastic mom who works hard to create a good life for her kiddies!

Now....I must also speak of ....the "Head, Neck and Shoulder" massage she provides each of our guests when they have the pleasure of sitting in her chair....
you kinda feel like this when she's done........

Okay maybe I exaggerate a little...but it feels pretty darn good! 

All in all...Tonya is
"A really great one that makes you feel that you too, can become great!"

Monday, November 16, 2009

Babes & Beauty

It is always fun when my family comes to visit the Salon Spa.  It's even more fun when my nephews come to visit!

I have trained my nephews from the day they were born to call me "Auntie Beautiful" and do you believe it stuck? It is always nice to be referred  to this name in public! 

This was the first time the boys had been out to see the Salon Spa completed.  They had no idea, of course at ages four (Braydon on the left) and 3 (Brent on the right) what the heck "Auntie Beautiful" does here at the Salon Spa or even better what a "Pedicure" is!
As you can imagine my brother was just "thrilled" that his son's were dying to get a pedicure

Here we are filling up our pedicure stations....

Little toes a soak'in....

the foot scrub down part tickles..... 

for Brenty too.... oh the sounds of little munchkin's too my ears..

now to dry the polish.... ( as my brother yelled from the top of the stairs...."NO POLISH!")
(these are photo's that will need to be shown at future weddings don't you think?)

Of course my sister-in-law Krystal had a little break and got her tootsies done as well...
Followed by...  

Uncle Derek
Who as you can see

Is very popular with the boys!
Once Brent had his pedicure and was educated on Baden Salon Spa service standards,
Nana had the privilege of  recieving one of the finest pedicures ever given by our newest employee...

Future Pedicurist or RMT? Time will tell!
Brent chose our latest Scentsational Hand and Body Lotion
"Clementine & Mistletoe"

 The pedicure slippers where also a very big hit!

As you can see even when Baden Salon Spa is closed for the house training is ALWAYS going on!
Babes & Beauty....can't think of a better way to spend a day.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Before Baden there was TEXAS!

It's 1am and I was doing a little "Fall Cleaning" and came across a CD that contained pictures from the first real time I was away from home.  I was offered a job at Seventeen Studio Spa Salon in Dallas Texas in 2003... boy that was a long time ago...but finding this CD brings back all the good memories that I have and Friends that were my support and family while I was away from mine!

This is Cindy & John....
It was so AMAZING to find this Cd that Cindy made for me so I wouldn't forget the good times I had while in Dallas.
Cindy is just about the most amazing person I had ever met.  I was so terribly home sick ...geez ... it was crazy and becoming a REAL Spa Director for the first time was also a pretty crazy time.
Cindy was my first friend and the one that stood by me the most on this adventure!
John, well he was pretty great too.... He totally let me steal Cindy just about every night I swear for like
6 months!

Cindy used to drive me around everywhere in her new VW beetle...  boy did we have some fun times... take a look.......

Yup...twister on my very first American thanksgiving! She knew how to do it up that's for sure!
I had green bean casserole for the very first time that year!

Cindy always made me feel loved... I can tell you I loved her ..saying goodbye to her was so hard....BUT she is doing amazing and still looking Fabulous!

This is Amanda... the inventory Queen! Amanda is such a fun girl! We had some great laughs as we went crazy in the back room with all that inventory! HOLY!
Amanda took over my apartment when I had to head back to Canada! Look at this layout... I love this apartment... check out the website was so amazing to live there!

 Ahhh Austin Ranch... I had a red couch ... I LOVED IT! Austin Ranch was like Melrose Place..... SO FUN! Nothing like it hear in Toronto that's for sure!

This is Miriam and Tiffany... They are just about the best Salon Spa Cheerleaders I have ever met!
They nicknamed me "Canada" it was so great!

And I sure can't forget about Miss Mae!

Heather is crazy fun! We had some great times! Heather took me to see Pieces of April at a film festival... she was super great! I love her!  I still wear the bracelet with my cowboy boot on it every now and again... it reminds me of some great times! She gave me her old mattress so I had something to sleep on  when I moved to Austin Ranch! I still have the pillow case too sister! LOL

And this was Angelica... she was so sweet ...cute as a button! I just realized... I have blue contacts in my eyes! HA HA... now that is funny & a little freaky what was I thinking! LOL

I wish I had a picture of my girl Keisha... Miss Ebony! When I find one I will post it! she was my right hand at Seventeen ... I love you too girl! 

To say the least Dallas was an amazing adventure, and allowed me to meet people that helped mold me into the person I am today.  Thank you Cindy & John for being my surrogate family, and Amanda for being such a great support,  Heather, Tiffany, Angelica and Miriam for good times, And Keisha for always making me laugh!
I miss you all and hope you are well! Baden Salon Spa Inc. would be a POWERHOUSE with you guys here! xo

Sunday, November 8, 2009

21st Annual Contessa's

On Sunday November 1st  Tonya(our super rad hair designer) and myself had the pleasure of attending the Contessa 2010 Canadian Hairstylist of the year awards. is true...we are proud to say that our industry recognizes the best of the best technical skill and creativity in hair, makeup and nails, interior salon and spa design, business practices and community service initiatives. 

Tonya and I were invited by a Contessa Silver Sponsor and our Product Distributor
Collega for AVEDA 
Here you can see ...Tonya, Cindy myself and Toni as we are about to eat some yummy food!

It has been an amazing journey opening up Baden Salon Spa.  Collega AVEDA has been a tremendous support! George Civello, Joseph Coruso, and Glen Ritchie were also at the table with us but some how they escaped our "mini" photo shoot!

This is Cindy and I ...we go way back to the days at the Granite Club.  Cindy is more then just Collega's Retail Sales Manager...she is an amazing friend and confidant! 

Here is Tonya and I ...we were super close to the stage and all the action.  I think Tonya had a great time! She was seat number "8" ... and her son was very proud of her! (Jordan... Tonya's son was super excited when she arrived home...he was greeted with a large jar of gum balls which was the center piece at our table!)

Here is some outstanding talents of dedicated professionals whose passion gives inspiration to all of us!



Baden Salon Spa would like to Congratulate all the Contessa Participants...your passion, vision, creativity, dedication and persistence is something to celebrate!
Just a little extra shout out to Jessica Maire Ellison for wining Nail Enhancement Artist of the Year...You Rock sister! 

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Memorable Mondays

October 26th 2009 started off like any other day. It was a slower Monday for us at the shop, got lot's of paper work done and I was REALLY looking forward to a visit from my dear friends Nick, Lizzie and the latest edition... Porter!

I had become friends with Nick and Liz when I was working at the Granite Club.  Nick(crazy Auzzie) is the Member Services Manager at the Club,  and he would always check in on me when I would work all those long hours! Lizzie(who totally puts up with the crazy Auzzie..LOL) worked in the Playschool.  Liz and I had  met when Liz and Nick first started dating a few years later.

Interesting enough they then became my neighbors when I lived with Lousia on Aerodrome Cres. in T.O.  Lizzie and I would spend..oh...I would say every spare minute we had drinking wine and watching all the latest T.V shows.

When I found out that they were expecting I was over the top excited! 

Nine (okay... more like ten) months later Porter arrived and so did the opening of Baden Salon Spa! (Porter came a little sooner!)

Yesterday was Porter's very first visit to a Salon Spa

Is he not the cutest kid you have EVER SEEN! (I think so too!)

Later that evening at Milstones, Lizzie and Nick surprised me with a very special gift!
At first I thought when they said "We have something to tell you" I was sure they were leaving for Australia never to return..BUT then... they said...

"We would like for you to be Porter's GODMOTHER"
I was so excited I couldn't believe it! (Then I thought..."What would Porter think?")

He was as excited as I was! Yippee!

It is amazing how the world works... just a simple slow Monday
can become a
Memorable Monday!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Smashing Sunday

I love this time of year... a beautiful fall day and a planned visit to our new spa from some very near and dear old friends!
This friend is a special one.....we go way back...when Baden Salon Spa was just a glimmer in my eye!
Meet my friend Mel..............

You see, Mel and I attended "The Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy" together right out of high school.   We also both dropped out of massage school!
HOWEVER, Mel went on to do a fabulous jewelry  program and I was off to beauty school.
Mel and I have had some crazy adventures together and had a blast doing so.

While Mel was in jewelry school...she had the pleasure(okay that might be a stretch ..HA Ha Love you!) of meeting Pete...

This is Pete

This is also Pete's favorite spot! HA HA

Today I also had the pleasure of having two little visitors to Baden.
It was a private session that included some nerds, m&m peanuts and the movie Monsters Inc.

This is Sammer's(Sam)

and this is Kamilla

They were both instant fans of having their nails done by Auntie Cath .... I mean does this look like fun or what??
Kamilla (purple shirt) has already told mom that she will be working at the Spa when she grows up!
(I am so looking forward to the help!)
Both the girls loved the new CND polish and chose "Smoochie" & "Girlie Pink" (how fitting!)

It looks like Kamilla loved the movie! Sam is more of a picture poser!

I loved having Mel, Pete and the girls visit...
it makes for a Smashing Sunday!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our Inventory Comic Relief.... Nicky Pickles

It's amazing what can happen when family gets together to build a Salon Spa.  When I say amazing I mean what can happen when your dear cousin fly's in from Vancouver!

Nicky Pickles and I have had many an amazing adventure, like in the above pic... this is us having dinner  Christmas day in Costa Rica! What a blast we had on that trip!
To be honest Nicky is more like my sister than my cousin.  She's an only child I adopted her as a sister! Normally Nicky is pretty well put together...HOWEVER...she has a small, tiny, itty bitty...
that happened one night while doing inventory for Baden days before we opened......

This is Nicky Pickles before wine.....(white tank top..with her mom..My lovely Auntie Cathy.....awwee)
Time: 10pm

and this is Nicky after one glass of wine.....
Time: 10:30pm
(Did I mention that in her hand is our bar code scanner??)

 glass two.....

glass three....TIME: 11:30pm..... involved friends (Oh.... Jen and Tanya.....)

Glass....FOUR???? Time:12am....maybe it was 1am??
Okay... is that Jen holding wine for Nicky??

Let's just say that if it wasn't for my dear cousin Nicky Pickles
(also known as Peanut by her boyfriend Malcs)
Inventory would have been just no fun at all!

Thanks Nicky for finding the humor in all the boxes of
Aveda Product! xo