Monday, November 16, 2009

Babes & Beauty

It is always fun when my family comes to visit the Salon Spa.  It's even more fun when my nephews come to visit!

I have trained my nephews from the day they were born to call me "Auntie Beautiful" and do you believe it stuck? It is always nice to be referred  to this name in public! 

This was the first time the boys had been out to see the Salon Spa completed.  They had no idea, of course at ages four (Braydon on the left) and 3 (Brent on the right) what the heck "Auntie Beautiful" does here at the Salon Spa or even better what a "Pedicure" is!
As you can imagine my brother was just "thrilled" that his son's were dying to get a pedicure

Here we are filling up our pedicure stations....

Little toes a soak'in....

the foot scrub down part tickles..... 

for Brenty too.... oh the sounds of little munchkin's too my ears..

now to dry the polish.... ( as my brother yelled from the top of the stairs...."NO POLISH!")
(these are photo's that will need to be shown at future weddings don't you think?)

Of course my sister-in-law Krystal had a little break and got her tootsies done as well...
Followed by...  

Uncle Derek
Who as you can see

Is very popular with the boys!
Once Brent had his pedicure and was educated on Baden Salon Spa service standards,
Nana had the privilege of  recieving one of the finest pedicures ever given by our newest employee...

Future Pedicurist or RMT? Time will tell!
Brent chose our latest Scentsational Hand and Body Lotion
"Clementine & Mistletoe"

 The pedicure slippers where also a very big hit!

As you can see even when Baden Salon Spa is closed for the house training is ALWAYS going on!
Babes & Beauty....can't think of a better way to spend a day.

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