Monday, November 9, 2009

Before Baden there was TEXAS!

It's 1am and I was doing a little "Fall Cleaning" and came across a CD that contained pictures from the first real time I was away from home.  I was offered a job at Seventeen Studio Spa Salon in Dallas Texas in 2003... boy that was a long time ago...but finding this CD brings back all the good memories that I have and Friends that were my support and family while I was away from mine!

This is Cindy & John....
It was so AMAZING to find this Cd that Cindy made for me so I wouldn't forget the good times I had while in Dallas.
Cindy is just about the most amazing person I had ever met.  I was so terribly home sick ...geez ... it was crazy and becoming a REAL Spa Director for the first time was also a pretty crazy time.
Cindy was my first friend and the one that stood by me the most on this adventure!
John, well he was pretty great too.... He totally let me steal Cindy just about every night I swear for like
6 months!

Cindy used to drive me around everywhere in her new VW beetle...  boy did we have some fun times... take a look.......

Yup...twister on my very first American thanksgiving! She knew how to do it up that's for sure!
I had green bean casserole for the very first time that year!

Cindy always made me feel loved... I can tell you I loved her ..saying goodbye to her was so hard....BUT she is doing amazing and still looking Fabulous!

This is Amanda... the inventory Queen! Amanda is such a fun girl! We had some great laughs as we went crazy in the back room with all that inventory! HOLY!
Amanda took over my apartment when I had to head back to Canada! Look at this layout... I love this apartment... check out the website was so amazing to live there!

 Ahhh Austin Ranch... I had a red couch ... I LOVED IT! Austin Ranch was like Melrose Place..... SO FUN! Nothing like it hear in Toronto that's for sure!

This is Miriam and Tiffany... They are just about the best Salon Spa Cheerleaders I have ever met!
They nicknamed me "Canada" it was so great!

And I sure can't forget about Miss Mae!

Heather is crazy fun! We had some great times! Heather took me to see Pieces of April at a film festival... she was super great! I love her!  I still wear the bracelet with my cowboy boot on it every now and again... it reminds me of some great times! She gave me her old mattress so I had something to sleep on  when I moved to Austin Ranch! I still have the pillow case too sister! LOL

And this was Angelica... she was so sweet ...cute as a button! I just realized... I have blue contacts in my eyes! HA HA... now that is funny & a little freaky what was I thinking! LOL

I wish I had a picture of my girl Keisha... Miss Ebony! When I find one I will post it! she was my right hand at Seventeen ... I love you too girl! 

To say the least Dallas was an amazing adventure, and allowed me to meet people that helped mold me into the person I am today.  Thank you Cindy & John for being my surrogate family, and Amanda for being such a great support,  Heather, Tiffany, Angelica and Miriam for good times, And Keisha for always making me laugh!
I miss you all and hope you are well! Baden Salon Spa Inc. would be a POWERHOUSE with you guys here! xo

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