Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jade's Shellac Attack- How fun was that night!

We had the pleasure of meeting Jade at our visit to Salon Magazine back in April.
How would you describe Jade??- Funny. Pretty, Full of life, All around Canadian girl and Organized!!!

Here is a pic of Jade  (She is in the cute blue and white shirt with the glasses) Jade was the hostess with the mostest that night!  We had arranged to provide Shellac mani's to all her girlfriends at Her loft.  It was so darn cute!  
Jessica (right) came to lend a helping hand to Baden that night.  Caitlin(Left) has now become a regular at our Salon Spa.  Thanks for the support Cait! 

Some of the girls chatted and had some yummy snacks while the others had their services done.... 

We had every Shellac Colour on the go.... and lots of great girly stories to boot! 

I can't think of a better way to host  a night for your BFF's can you?  Good thinking Jade!

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