Thursday, September 9, 2010

Miss Ash Duce and Ms Lisa Clarke .... More then our Guests!

It takes only a minute to fall into great conversation with Ash and Lisa.  When we met Lisa She strolled into our Salon Spa a few months ago on a recommendation from her niece

(above on the right)Ash...who is the most fabulous Barista Starbucks has.... (okay I should do a shout out to Sandra as well... AKA "Driz" who has talent beyond belief with the "Carmel" on the  Macchiatos..) ANYWAY...back to the whole reason for this blog.... Ms.Lisa Clarke and Ash Duce.... who ARE FABO!

Here is Ash(middle) and Auntie Lisa (right)

As soon as we all met ...Lisa and Ash both became great guests and I think we would also consider them friends! Man, we do share some great stories don't we ladies!!

Lisa had come in early on this summer to have her "Shellac" applied to get ready for her fun filled summer of boating! I have learned a whole lot about boats since I met Lisa...among other things! LOL !

Have you ever seen such perfect toes and hands?  Me either I had to take a pic! .... okay lets face it the beautiful Coach sandals weren't that shabby either.... all in all ...picture perfect I would say ...wouldn't you??

We have been so lucky this year to have met such wonderful guests .... some who we consider much more.  Thank you ladies for continually spreading the word about our Baden Beauty Boutique!

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