Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Start of the 'Shellac Attack"

As you all know it has been a whirlwind since the release of "Shellac". 
Some of you are still questioning What it is, what it does and why the heck you would need it?.... So we decided to write a little blog about it and the amazing adventures that we have had with this revolutionary product since it has launched.  We also thought we would share with you some great pictures with our fantastic guests having their first experiences with "Shellac". 


A UV-cured color coat featuring UV3 technology:
- On like polish
- Wears like gel
- Off in minutes( like 6-10mins...AMAZING...with no damage to your natural Nail!)

-Brushes on for smooth, even coverage.
-Provides a long-lasting color layer to nails.

  -Provides a revolutionary new color
  service for nails.
-Provides 14-day wear. 

Does it get any better than this!  Well...maybe a little....

Baden Salon Spa headed over to Salon Magazine at the end of April 2010 to introduce them to Shellac.... I think they liked it .... what do you think? 
Yeah I think they were pretty darn happy! 

"Shellac" was officially released May 1st 2010 ... and all of you have been crazy for it! 
Keep reading our blog..... we have a few months to get caught up with all of you... wait until you see what we've been up too!


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