Thursday, September 16, 2010

These are the people in our neighbourhood!

Earlier this summer, Baden had purchased some beautiful plants to make our cute neighborhood Salon Spa have some nice curb appeal.  
Unfortunately, late one evening, some kids walking by had a bit of fun with these lovely plants, and that of our other business neighbor's plants.  
To say the least our plants survived, but the sidewalk area was a bit of a mess.  
Gracie, one of our dear guests and neighbour was kind enough to put our flowers back in their original place.... but the dirt was everywhere.  

That's how we met our new guests and neighbor's April and Ryan and their cutie patootie son Nathan!

Here is April, on a stroll with their dog when Nathan (age 3) decided he wanted to help clean up the dirt from our sidewalk.  

So with the help of Dad (Ryan) they got right to work...tidying up the hood one dustpan at a time!

This is the cutest thing we have ever seen! To think community service can start so young!! What great values to teach a child at such a young age! 
And just like that... we had a nice clean sidewalk again!! 

Thank you so much April Ryan and little Nathan! 
Yes.... these are the people in our neighborhood!

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