Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our Inventory Comic Relief.... Nicky Pickles

It's amazing what can happen when family gets together to build a Salon Spa.  When I say amazing I mean what can happen when your dear cousin fly's in from Vancouver!

Nicky Pickles and I have had many an amazing adventure, like in the above pic... this is us having dinner  Christmas day in Costa Rica! What a blast we had on that trip!
To be honest Nicky is more like my sister than my cousin.  She's an only child I adopted her as a sister! Normally Nicky is pretty well put together...HOWEVER...she has a small, tiny, itty bitty...
that happened one night while doing inventory for Baden days before we opened......

This is Nicky Pickles before wine.....(white tank top..with her mom..My lovely Auntie Cathy.....awwee)
Time: 10pm

and this is Nicky after one glass of wine.....
Time: 10:30pm
(Did I mention that in her hand is our bar code scanner??)

 glass two.....

glass three....TIME: 11:30pm..... involved friends (Oh.... Jen and Tanya.....)

Glass....FOUR???? Time:12am....maybe it was 1am??
Okay... is that Jen holding wine for Nicky??

Let's just say that if it wasn't for my dear cousin Nicky Pickles
(also known as Peanut by her boyfriend Malcs)
Inventory would have been just no fun at all!

Thanks Nicky for finding the humor in all the boxes of
Aveda Product! xo

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