Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Memorable Mondays

October 26th 2009 started off like any other day. It was a slower Monday for us at the shop, got lot's of paper work done and I was REALLY looking forward to a visit from my dear friends Nick, Lizzie and the latest edition... Porter!

I had become friends with Nick and Liz when I was working at the Granite Club.  Nick(crazy Auzzie) is the Member Services Manager at the Club,  and he would always check in on me when I would work all those long hours! Lizzie(who totally puts up with the crazy Auzzie..LOL) worked in the Playschool.  Liz and I had  met when Liz and Nick first started dating a few years later.

Interesting enough they then became my neighbors when I lived with Lousia on Aerodrome Cres. in T.O.  Lizzie and I would spend..oh...I would say every spare minute we had drinking wine and watching all the latest T.V shows.

When I found out that they were expecting I was over the top excited! 

Nine (okay... more like ten) months later Porter arrived and so did the opening of Baden Salon Spa! (Porter came a little sooner!)

Yesterday was Porter's very first visit to a Salon Spa

Is he not the cutest kid you have EVER SEEN! (I think so too!)

Later that evening at Milstones, Lizzie and Nick surprised me with a very special gift!
At first I thought when they said "We have something to tell you" I was sure they were leaving for Australia never to return..BUT then... they said...

"We would like for you to be Porter's GODMOTHER"
I was so excited I couldn't believe it! (Then I thought..."What would Porter think?")

He was as excited as I was! Yippee!

It is amazing how the world works... just a simple slow Monday
can become a
Memorable Monday!

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