Sunday, October 25, 2009

Smashing Sunday

I love this time of year... a beautiful fall day and a planned visit to our new spa from some very near and dear old friends!
This friend is a special one.....we go way back...when Baden Salon Spa was just a glimmer in my eye!
Meet my friend Mel..............

You see, Mel and I attended "The Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy" together right out of high school.   We also both dropped out of massage school!
HOWEVER, Mel went on to do a fabulous jewelry  program and I was off to beauty school.
Mel and I have had some crazy adventures together and had a blast doing so.

While Mel was in jewelry school...she had the pleasure(okay that might be a stretch ..HA Ha Love you!) of meeting Pete...

This is Pete

This is also Pete's favorite spot! HA HA

Today I also had the pleasure of having two little visitors to Baden.
It was a private session that included some nerds, m&m peanuts and the movie Monsters Inc.

This is Sammer's(Sam)

and this is Kamilla

They were both instant fans of having their nails done by Auntie Cath .... I mean does this look like fun or what??
Kamilla (purple shirt) has already told mom that she will be working at the Spa when she grows up!
(I am so looking forward to the help!)
Both the girls loved the new CND polish and chose "Smoochie" & "Girlie Pink" (how fitting!)

It looks like Kamilla loved the movie! Sam is more of a picture poser!

I loved having Mel, Pete and the girls visit...
it makes for a Smashing Sunday!

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