Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Deliciously Simple...

There I was in the middle of a crazy renovation, just days before opening and my aunt says to me;

"Cath, the family wants to get you a gift for your opening...but flowers die so fast??"

It was hard for me to think on my feet at the moment and didn't know what I needed

but then....

My Aunt Cathy is an extreme shopper and to say the least always digs up some incredible finds. SO in traditional "Auntie Cathy" style( with a little feedback from mom) she cam across this fabulous little invention just perfect for my new Salon & Spa .........

Your all probably thinking...What is it?  I did too. 
Well... this would be the most deliciously simple SINGLE CUP COFFEE maker ever made!  
It's name is the "Keurig" and we love it here at Baden!

Our guests get to enjoy not only our Signature Aveda Tea through this little wonder ( it allows for loose leaf tea ..WOOT!) but also an array of  coffee ..Timothy's, Emeril's, Van Houtte AND Twinings tea!

Again the family pulls through with yet another great gift for our success!
Thanks to my Nanny & Papa, Aunts, Unlces and cousins for this  
Deliciously Simple delight..our guests love it!

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