Monday, October 19, 2009

In the begining.....

It all began back in February 2009 when I decided to buy my very first property with the help of good friends Emma & Dave! As you can see I had a little muscle in my corner which always makes for a good fight! 

Together with my brains (Ha Ha) and Dave's bronze (all that midnight McDonalds and Gremlin type behaviors..LOL)  I purchased my first home...and Business Location!

With my parents along for the ride (not sure they knew how much of a ride...) we started the 6 month process of building a Salon Spa! 
It was quite the process really.... to think that a place that once looked like this

                                                         ...would soon look like this!

I was so lucky to have my family helping me out while building the Salon Spa
....I had my Dad consistently going cross eyed with my demands

My Mother.... who resorted to paint eating during the times when she just didn't want to make lunch for one more person!

My Auntie Elda ... who sat and painted every one of these 13 stairs to the basement so that we could have the "Designer" look like my favorite TV show "Design Inc."

My "You Got Beer & Steak...I'll be there!" brother who rounded up the troops...(my super cute nephews)


& Braydon 
who drove all the way from Everett, ON to help out Auntie Beautiful build the Salon Spa!

Now I can't forget my Uncle Brian ... who's regular therapy sessions kept us all calm and collected during the intense decision making.....

And of course my Auntie Cathy... who kept us well fed breakfast, lunch and dinner

A big thank you to everyone in my family who helped make this dream a reality!

It's officially off the ground.... and so the story begins for
Baden Salon Spa Inc.

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